Tanya Sunny - BLOG

The first contact

I think it will be interesting for you to find out how I feel and what my thoughts are about the first consultations)

Frankly, I am excited and worried every time!) Because I know that for many of you I'm like an alien))

Someone is waiting for a magic pill from me. Someone is ready to grab a straw, waiting for an immediate solution to the problem. Someone fears what I say as a fateful sentence. Someone is curious to look at the other side of life. Someone is skeptical, well, what else she'll tell me, but, maybe, it can help...

Each of you is a little child at the first consultation) Curious, fearful, distrustful or, conversely, listening to every word...

I prepare in advance. Having seen your natal charts, I can imagine you and your features, but each of you is a unique soul, a living person so you cannot be predicted!) Therefore, every time I go with an open heart and great responsibility: how to say so that you hear me!

You know, every time I feel, as if I go out on a huge stage) There are famous actors, musicians, they go on the stage in front of the thousands of people, and I speak to one person. But a huge audience is also watching my conversation, and it is much larger than at concerts)

I bring with me a huge Cosmos, the entire Universe for each of you. Even if you do not see this and still do not understand, during the consultation I speak before you and the whole Sky and bear responsibility for my words...

It depends on my skill, my virtuosity, whether I can convey to you what life wants to say, whether the FIRST CONTACT will take place!

My task is not just to play a beautiful melody of words for you or to leave a good impression, or to touch the strings of your heart with my performance as a virtuoso musician.

My task is much deeper. It is to say in such words so that you can hear your soul, to inspire you to change, to give you a chance to look at yourself and the world in a different way, at least during the consultation, to find the right words so you can see a way out of your problems yourself, to help you to believe ... not me, but in yourself!

At the same time, I should not violate your borders, not to affect your choice, take into account that each person has their own characteristics of life path and development, to convey the information that was previously unknown, and even sometimes unpleasant. I should tell you in such way so that you would understand me, so you wouldn't run away immediately, so you wouldn't think I am a crazy person)) Agree, this is not an easy task!)

The consequences of my "fake notes" are missed chances and lost time...So after each consultation I sort out my "flights", what I was able to do and what I failed, and how I can do it better next time. Life tuned me well as a tool))) so that I had a wonderful ear - fine sensitivity and valuable knowledge)

I'm not only an astrologer, and my consultations are much more extensive.

- As a psychoanalyst, I know how the human psyche works, how relationships are built between people, how family rules and unseen 'accounting' work between the members of the kin.
- As an osteopath, I understand how your body functions, how your life experience, your thoughts and actions are reflected in it.
- As an astrologer, I understand the experience of your soul among the stars, what place you occupy in the general architecture of the universe, what the main meaning of your path is.
- In addition, I am also a creative person, developing my literary, artistic, musical talents, and this gives me the opportunity for an extraordinary vision and the ability to find creative solutions in life.

Therefore, during my consultations, I see you simultaneously at all levels, and I try to give you a multidimensional view of yourself and your issues and inspire you to unlock your potential.

The most touching moment for me at the first consultation is when my client's soul responds, when a person realizes for the first time that he said something from his soul... Someone is relieved because at last he said that what he never ever dared to say, someone is lost in desbelief trying to percieve how it happened, someone wonders whether he is really meeting his true self, someone has tears in his eyes from the emotions...

The most crucial moment for me is the end of the consultation, when I see the result, your intention, your reaction. Someone feels inspired and decides to learn changes right away. Someone still doubts and thinks... Someone is experiencing something like shock, surprise, much still remains incomprehensible. BUT... at the same time, something inside of him responds to my words and trust in me is born. So a person decides to learn and change.

If you feel that my words evokes something in you, though not everything is clear, but something inside attracts you to me, go for it, try it, give yourself a chance!

Once in my life I could choose music as my profession) But I chose a different path! Still, I can call myself a musician but from some other reality)

I hear the music of your soul in the general symphony of Life!) I can help you hear how you sound and suggest how to write and play your part of life in harmony and happiness!

It all starts with the first step, from the first contact ...!

WELCOME to my consultations!