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Your own way

Each of us has his own way in life, his own path on the earth, his own flight trajectory in the Universe)

Who is leading you along your way? Not God, and not the stars ... but the Soul ... She is the captain of a ship called a Human Being!) She knows exactly where we started from and where we are heading to, she makes a life route. But often she does not have a normal access to the flight control))

Due to the karmic 'errors' of the reality perception, our undeveloped consciousness does not allow the soul to fully open up, often turns her into a prisoner "in the dungeon" of the body and psyche. But even in oblivion, the soul will suggest, give a clue what she needs and where to go. Learn to listen!

No one can leave his path irresponsibly, evade the soul development, because every soul needs it. Nobody can avoid the process of inner growth. Those who meet changes and work in cooperation with their souls will develop as well as those who do not hear the voice of the soul at all...

The difference is that when a person does not want or does not understand that he needs to expand his worldview, correct karmic mistakes, raise the level of consciousness, show his potential, then the soul will direct him to development through shocks, sufferings, severe crises, which will contribute, for sure, to a change of interfering attitudes in the psyche.

But when a person listens to his soul, develops with the help of knowledge, information, new skills and tools, then he moves in his own way faster, easier, with pleasure, and he has the opportunity and time to breathe in the scent of flowers on the way and to enjoy the flight of his life among the stars...

That is the question!)))

Someone may say:
-Tanya, why do I need your information for?
It's difficult, it strains my brain, it clogs my head, it makes me think about what I don't want to. I just want to live an ordinary life, have fun, enjoy comfort, delicious food, beautiful things, to do what I love, to observe or not follow traditions, to have or not have a family and children, whichever is more convenient... And, in general, I know better what I need in life. Look how many people live without knowing anything, and it's okay!)

It's up you guys! After all, I never force anyone, I do not insist, I do not call on anyone.

But if you want to be truly happy, regardless of the circumstances, to learn how to cope with any problems, you need to know what you really live for, who you are, what is your predestination, what is the meaning of your life.

And for this you need to develop, get to know yourself, expand the picture of the world, you need a new knowledge, a new information.


I share what I discover myself. If it responds to you, you can get MY INFORMATION in my consultations, online courses, in my books, harmonizing tales, meditations.

This is your CHOICE!!!