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Marshmallow mood

I have a MARSHMALLOW MOOD today, although it doesn't happen often.
It seems I fell in love ...)

I saw him at the Insta photo a while ago. He was already famous and had so many female fans and enthusiastic reviews, and I had never heard of him before. I liked his image and despite the fact that we are so different, I felt that we have something in common, and that we can create an original and beautiful combination. So I signed up for his account.

But the virtual world is so deceiving. You see one thing, but the reality can turn out to be completely different. I began to doubt whether we would fit each other. Friends said, write, get in touch, find out, you are an invisible drop among thousands of subscribers. I sometimes commented in the hope of a happy lottery, but I didn't dare to DM. I was afraid of disappointments.

I needed a live meeting so that I could feel for sure whether there is magic between us, whether my feeling is right, or is it all only my fairytale fantasy. But the possibility of meeting in the current situation with quarantine restrictions was unrealistic. And I sighed, then it's not fate)))

Nevertheless, when the sky wants to unite the two, it opens up some special ways. Yesterday all the stars converged, and this meeting took place.
It is impossible to forget the joy when one realizes that a real image is better than a screen one. When, despite the differences, one understands another from the first moment, like a good friend and a soulmate.
It turned out that we both love design spaces, spiral staircases, the old charm of tradition and bold original experiments, we both love style, exclusivity, sophistication, beauty, but at the same time we appreciate comfort, convenience and practicality.

And when I felt his touch on the skin, inhaled his smell, another dimension opened in me. How did I live without him before?)
There is a time and place in this world when the two need to meet. It is called here and now. People think that "here and now" is a philosophical attitude towards life, but, in fact, this is a time of meeting according to the heavenly plan. And these two can be living people or particles, of which everything consists in the cosmos ...)

A large mirror with a patina stood before me covering almost the whole wall from the floor to the ceiling in the dark boudoir. It looked like a page from a book of life. And being so different, but having united together, we created a perfect reflection, surprising in its harmony.

The bright light rushed from the side of the open window, snatching our reflection from the twilight of the room, like a flash, capturing a photograph of a moment in memory and for history.
I reached for a breath of the wind that rushed into the room with the unexpected light, and went to the window. It was not just a window, but a glass door that opened, as if removing the wall and opening a narrow passage into another space. Glancing over the worn shutters, a glass table with an iPad and office devices, taking my look from a low ficus in a copper hammered vase further, I realized that I was not seeing a green Kiev courtyard anymore, but .... the water surface ...

The waves sparkled in the sun, shimmered with the precious strands of sun glare, forcing to squint at the bright light and pleasure. I saw a small terrace overlooking the water, perhaps a lake, sea or an ocean bay... There was a printer on the glass table, an iPad with the opened files, there were remotes, sheets of paper with my handwriting.

Pearl beads were in boxes on the right side of the table. The ready-made jewelry and jewelry threads were seen as well. It seems that I designed something from pearls) On the left, The airy "flowers" flaunted on a beautiful shelf for cakes. There were raspberry, snow-white, blueberry marshmallow rosettes. I just baked them for morning tea from my favorite fruit and berry puree. Delicious!) Ah, that's where the marshmallow mood comes from!)))

It was morning. We were sitting at the open door to the terrace overlooking the beautiful expanse like a different dimension. A fresh breeze waved the light white curtains that flew into the room, like the small pieces of the creamy clouds falling from the sky.
There was as much tenderness in his touch as when we first met. Different situations, external or internal changes, real quality and true essence, which is known only with a time, did not break our harmony.

We still created a wonderful creative and vital union and aroused admiration and surprise of those around us. But most importantly, we loved being together. How many beautiful things we have created in the loving embrace!

That morning I just finished writing the book while overlooking the sunny waves. Of course, about love. I called the novel by his name...

A sudden question brought me back coming from behind.
- Have you made your choice, Lady?
- Yes! - I answered still, not looking back. - It will be my "Favorite Flax Sundress with the pearl straps"))))

Life is full of the magic stories, my friends) Who knows, maybe this one is not only about the dress...

The first meeting is never about the past, it is always about the future... and love!