Tanya Sunny - BLOG


If you are not afraid of death, then it can teach you a lot.
- To take care more about the living people,
- The best memory of the ones who passed away is your happy days and warm thoughts about them,
- We will all meet sometime in Heaven,
- Do not ask for death, fearing to remain alone with life,
- But also do not rush, do not grab for life greedily, running away from the last line,
- To know that it is not death that kills people, but fear, envy, anger ... Like the moment when an apple falling from a branch, death is the completion of a life cycle, but the cycles are different for everyone.

But, perhaps, the most important lesson is that Life always goes on regardless you or someone else will leave it at your own time.

I wish eternal Spring to those who have gone to Heaven! And here on Earth I rejoice in warm days and new shoots ... Flowers are already in my eyes!