According to your natal chart
New magic
I love handing you the ready-made jewelry and seeing your smiles, the sparkles in your eyes. I love feeling happy when I see your emotions while you touch the stones for the first time. I love to witness your first "conversation" with your special piece of beauty, to watch how you transform putting the jewelry on ...) It is such a joy!

My original jewelry is not just about materials and designs. Every piece is akin to an amulet. However, there is a significant difference between the action of the ancient amulets and my jewelry!

Previously, amulets were made only to protect against the external evil eye, damage, enemies, troubles, etc. I am making harmonizing jewelry helping to make your consciousness easier to open.

I choose precious and semi-precious stones to harmonize or balance the planetary energies according to your natal chart. This way the harmonizing jewelry helps your body and mind to prepare for important changes in the worldview and to endure the necessary transformations easier.

My personalized and custom-made jewelry not only emphasizes your own beauty and style but also helps you to see the causes of problems and troubles not outside, but within yourself which allows you to make the real changes for better in your life.

My authentic jewelry helps you to know yourself and discover the magic of being unique.
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